ESC Issue


It looks like Hobbyking dropped the ESCs used in OpenROV and I can't find them anywhere else at a reasonable price. Are there alternate ESCs that are confirmed to work (100% reverse) that are the same size and price as the used ESCs?


We just got these similarly specc'ed ESCs that Hobbyking does carry at OpenROV HQ. They seem equivalent on paper, but I'll run some tests tomorrow to see if they are drop in replacements. Thanks for the heads up!


Actually, I've tried those.


yeah, they work but they are just a bit wider so they don't fit...

The 18A ESCs are still available from these guys for $20


Full speed reverse?


I am looking into buying a new 2.5x controller card and may wish to use new ESC's with it. Does anyone know what ESC's are currently being used and where they are sourced from.

I see HobbyKing have these 20A Turnkey ESC's and I am not sure if they will fit on the 2.5 Controller card.

but they require a programming card and I did not see any that had the programming switch. The earlier link shows they have the Old ESC's that we use but are twice the cost. Maybe OpenROV head quarters have some that they can put in their Store.


You will need a car or boat esc with reverse. The one you linked to is for planes or helis, they dont have reverse.
This one looks to be the esc that are the closest and correct esc.
Basicly any esc with reverse, up to 12v in and minimum 10amp rating will work.


Thanks Thomas I missed that when I was looking at them.


The car escs linked will not work. I have been only able to get 50% speed in reverse.


Thanks for your input Zachary.


they only give 50% even if you program to 100%?

the instructions show that one would need to compare the setting between this and the old ESC, since the settings are not directly equal.

in my opinion these are the best settings for this controller:

Setting - Value

1- 3 (forward/brake/reverse)

2 - 1 (25% braking power)

3 - 4 (all power in reverse)

4 - 1(high acceleration limiting)

5 - 1 (drag brake disabled)

6 - 5 (smallest) throttle dead band

7 - 1 (none) no low voltage cutoff

8 - 1 (lowest) motor timing


A follow up on my post from yesterday:

this is the esc listed in the BOM, and that truly the correct esc that are delivered with the kits: