ESC Blinking Red


We have an OpenRov 2.8. We just finished testing the ROV in a pool. The ROV flew fine but when we tried it the next day the Port ESC is blinking Red? The other ESCs are green and the motors work.


It’s hard to say for sure without knowing how it’s blinking. The Afro ESCs that we use signal their error codes through blinking of the LEDs- you should be able to find a reference to that on-line somewhere. Absent that information, I would thoroughly check all the wiring associated with that motor, making sure that there are no short-circuits or open-circuits anywhere in the wiring.

Let us know how what you find out.



I am away this week, I have another person working on it. What we suspect
is that it may be a wiring issue with one of the motors because when we
connect another BB/Arduino we get the same response from the ESC.


We have 1 of our 4 ROVs working, the 2nd we have been trying to launch is
exhibiting the following behaviours:

ROV pinged successfully at
3 Green speed controller lights
Blue light from Begal Bone
LED 4 BRX Blinking Orange
LED 1 Pwr and LED6 “HPWP” solid green
LED 7 “HP” and LED 8 “ETH” solid Orange
all other LEDs off
Camera lights blinking white
The cockpit cannot be reached “too long to respond”




I would drop a line to OpenROV support. I think its just Make sure you reference this thread and provide them with the model # of your ROV (2.7, 2.8, etc.). Your LED indications seem correct, must be some subtle software issue.