ESC and DC motor


I spent the afternoon working with the ESC and DC motor. I bought 4 ESC’s from HobbyKing, model 18a-SL as in the parts list. A spare just in case… I have never worked with the ESC before. The documentation sheet that comes with the part, I found, could use a little more information. I had worked on a robot project years ago for Carrier and had a Futaba transmitter and receiver on the shelf. I hooked up all the parts (esc progam.jpg). My first problem was finding the “SET” key (esc & motor.jpg). The information sheet shows it on the main part of the ESC electronics. On the 18a unit, it is with the switch. The switch pushed toward the “SET” key is on. My next problem was I had a battery pack hooked to the Futaba receiver and power hooked to the ESC. So when I turned off the ESC power to start programming it, it was still getting power from the receiver battery and never going off. You only need to have power applied to the ESC. Then the receiver gets its power from the ESC unit. Now when you turn off the power to the ESC and back on to start the programming it powers up correctly. I am waiting for the OpenROV Cape board, so I have built everything; including gluing down the 3 ESC’s in the electronics section that I can build. In retrospect, this might have been a mistake. The red & green leds that you need to see for programming on the ESC’s are on the bottom of the unit (esc both leds on.jpg). My ESC’s are now glued to my electronics Plexiglas housing (I used some 1/8 inch green I had in the shop). I am now able to program and drive the DC motor. Live is good!

1981-escprogram.jpg (122 KB) 1982-escmotor.jpg (114 KB) 1983-escbothledson.jpg (89.1 KB)



Thanks for the report and great photos! Please keep us in the loop with how it all goes- this is great!