Errors with the MPU9150 Depth Sensor



As part of a school robotics competition we are using the OpenROV version 2.6 design and we are using controllerboard25. On our controller board we are trying to setup the MPU9150 depth sensor and we are having issues. When we load the cockpit in our browser we get the error, “log no I2C devices found”. Additionally, the temperature and pressure are being displayed as 0.00. We know that the device is working because we were able to receive data while we used test code with the sensor attached to the Arduino uno. Also, in AConfig.h we have it declared as #define HAS_MPU9150 (1) and #define HAS_MS5803_14BA (1), so that is not the error. While testing the sensor, we used an oscilloscope to measure the data flow. While using the oscilloscope we noticed that after loading the cockpit, there is data flow for a short time on both SDA and SCL, but the data flow is not continuous. We have had several people look this over, including a very experienced teacher and we cannot figure this out, any tips would be helpful, thank you in advance.


That means the bus scan that the system does looking for RAW I2c devices came up blank. This indicates a fundamental electrical/wiring issue. Any chance the Data/Clock lines got reversed?