Erratic Thrusters


Ive been away from my OpenROV for sometime, but now coming back to it. Ive updated to the latest code, and flashed the Arduino.
But i seem to get erratic movement on the thrusters, e.g. pressing ‘up arrow’ (to move forward) only one thruster spins…then when I try again the both spin, another example in the vertical thruster sometimes only works in one direction?
The OpenROV was built fully assembled so I dont expect any problems from that side, I have changed the thusters to BlueROV ones (the BlueROV OpenROV kit). I have read about calibrating the ESCs but I dont understand how to do that on a 2.8 version as the ESCs are soldered onto the main board.

Any help, much appreciated.

Thanks, James


Hello James,

My problem is very close, the Left thruster who work nice, but the two other do not want move! i just have a “beep” from the ESC.

I do not understand to calibrate ESC … is soldered !


I have heard of the thrusters “sticking” when they have not been used for a while. You might want to go into the diagnostics section of the cockpit and run them individually. As I understand it, the -1 and +1 settings are full power level 5 and may break it free to spin better. The other item is to check for a bad connection on your wiring.

I also have heard that the Blue ROV thrusters may draw too much power through the OpenROV board if you run them at full power for too long. Hope this helps!