New to the Forum just started to get the various required assembly items on the list . I have found some Hysol epoxy 90 FPL locally in a grey color. Is that the correct epoxy or is there a clear version.

Also any comments on the best brand of acrylic cement would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance



I used the Hysol E-90FL which is a grey color, but I think the 90 FPL should also work. I ordered the acrylic cement from Tap Plastics and it worked really well.

Acrylic Cement


Mine is grey, and I ordered over the internet to the exact spec.

Re: acrylic cement, mine is SCI Grip, designated 4SC. As I understand it, federal regulations applicable to my area (the south coast air quality management district -- southern california) limit the choices, so there may be something "better" in your area. But mine seemed to work fine.


Thank you very much for the information



Thank you for the information . I will check out the regulations



I'm looking for an alternative to de Devcon for Spain because neither amazon nor ebay sends me the glue. Do you know of any glue I could use instead? Do you think this could do?

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