Epoxy E-90FL


Greetings from Vancouver Island, Canada.

I too am in the process of building the OPENROV and having a difficult time in sourcing a few of the build items as mentioned on the BOM.

I have attached correspondence (italics) from "McMaster-Carr" with regard to the E-90FL Epoxy.

I am wondering if other builders have experienced a similar response from this company ?

It maybe because the epoxy is considered a dangerous, hazardous material?

If so perhaps OPENROV might consider recommending another easily obtainable, alternative Epoxy ?

Any suggestions from other builders?


PS. Any dates for when you will have the BBB and controller board?

Hi Mr. Holden,

Due to the complexity of U.S. export regulations, McMaster-Carr accepts international orders only from businesses. This decision also applies to orders shipping within the United States, because it is based on the final destination of the items. We are unable to provide a quotation or accept your orders.



Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 7:14 PM

Hi, I am building an ROV and have been referred to your company for some of the build materials. I am looking for the E-90FL Epoxy (which I have found, Pt.#6430A18 ). I also need the mixer nozzle for this epoxy, I don't know which End Style is used ? I need the Tip Style 3/16" taper. I also need the Hand Plunger for this size of tube ( I think it is Pt.#74695A27 ?) Can you please advise as to part numbers, thank you. Also do you ship to Canada?


I got the same reply from McMaster. I had to send it to a friend of my father i law. And he will pick it up this week when he is on vacation.


I bought some flexible epoxy from a plastics supplier on Cloverdale in Victoria. Not too viscous and a little messy but I did get them potted. I will keep you posted on how the water tests go