Epoxy didn't flow


I am now inecting the epoxy “5 min” through the hole but it only flowed a little to the drain where the wires settle . It took me 2 Hours but no epoxy showed up in the drain. It seems that the epoxy dried up very fast and prevent the rest of it from flowing in…Any way to solve the problem?

The epoxy became solid and coudn't fill up the drain of DB25 part

Did you use the Devcon 2 Ton Epoxy with the “flow-mix” attachment. I never new how important and how hard it is to find the flow mix attachment. I spoke with Devcon rep and he said their other products will kick off faster and not have the same strength. He said for full cure it will take a month and one has lots of working time. I have been working on fixing the end caps to the battery housing because I tried to inject the epoxy into the system and failed to mix the Devcon Epoxy enough. The flow-mix attachment makes it work perfectly without that one might have problems.

As far as your fix, I’m sure there are more qualified here to add a solution but I think you might have to drill out the epoxy and try and make a channel for another try.

I feel for you it’s not an easy project and the instructions are very open to interpretation and it’s easy to go off track. The good news is the wire and parts are not going to break the bank if you have to get new ones.


My epoxy became solid quickly so I purchase another tube and fill it from both side of the endcap(db25 part). I also use the nozzle to plug the epoxy.However, after an afternoon’s struggle, there was still some place that the epoxy couldn’t fill up. The situation is shown in the photo and the red line outline the place where the epoxy has reached. I don’t know wheather there is some methods to make the situation better or other ways to improve the waterproof ability.