EnviroSense.io in alfa


Hey all, I wanted to share a project we have been working on lately: it’s a challenge presented to us by the GIS department in a regional research organization (IMIDA). The challenge consisted in taking data from a range of sensors and storing them for post processing in a GIS system.

What we have developed is taking information from the following sensors:

  • pH (Atlas Scientific)
  • Conductivity (Atlas Scientific)
  • ORP (Atlas Scientific)
  • Dissolved Oxygen (Atlas Scientific)
  • Pressure (Blue Robotics)
  • Temperature (Blue Robotics)
  • Echosounder (AIRMAR DST800)
  • GPS (uBlox)

The sensor manufacturors listed are the once we are using for our development purposes. I think it should be relatively easy to implement other sensors, particularily with regards to the echosounder & GPS, as these are just sending NMEA sentences anyway.

The EnviroSense interface board is acting as the main interface between the sensors. It’s designed to be working with with a Arduino compatible board called chipKIT PI and a Raspberry PI, so it could be integrated directly with the BlueROV2 (there might be some space issues) or run separately (our configuration).

The whole system works autonomously, stores the data in a MySQL database on the RPI3, and presents in a HTML5 based graphical interface using socket.io

We’ll shortly upload the code to our Nido Robotics Github account, but we need to do a bit of “homework” first.

We’ve also just ordered the first batch of PCB’s, and I’m hoping to have them by the end of next week. I’ll keep you all posted.

Oh, and all feedback is well received,


PCBs are here:

Tomorrow we’ll be assembling and hopefully we can leave the system running with the sensors in our water test tank over the weekend.