Enhanced OpenROV 2.7 for sales



Hi fellows,

We had two sets of OpenROV 2.7 for sales, the basic & enhanced versions.
Enhanced version

  1. Equipped with 100m tether;
  2. Spool and reel with built-in Topside Adapter;
  3. Panasonic Toughbook;
  4. Wireless Logitech Game Controller;
  5. OpenROV 2.7v with IMU built-in;
  6. Comes with travel case.

Basic version
Standard OpenROV 2.7v package as shown above.

  1. 100m 26 AWG 2-wire tether cable;
  2. Topside Adapter;
  3. OpenROV 2.7v;
  4. OpenROV Waterproof Case.

If you are interested to purchase (price neg), please send me an email at: enquiry@opcon.com.sg

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