Endcap Upgrade Kit


One of the biggest improvements on the v2.6 kit is the upgraded end caps. We've put together an endcap upgrade kit. It's available for order here: https://openrov.myshopify.com/collections/accessories/products/endcap-upgrade-kit-to-ver-2-6

The upgrade process and steps are on Dozuki here: http://openrov.dozuki.com/Guide/2.6+Endcap+Replacement/17


Hi David,
is this Upgrade Kit still availabe?
Respectively can i upgrade my 2.6 ROV with 2.7 or 2.8 Endcap Replacement Kits?



You can check out the Replacement Parts section of our store to see what is available for your unit.

From a waterproofing standpoint the 2.6 endcaps and the 2.7 endcaps are the same. They use the same layers of acrylic and o-rings. The difference is the way the tube is attached to the ROV, 2.7 uses straps, but this would require modifications to the shell of your ROV.

In order to upgrade to the 2.8 endcaps you would need to replace the controller board and the entire electronics structure inside the tube, as well as the shell.


hi Brain,
as far as i know the o-rings are also replaced by way thicker ones.
I have a lot of trouble with waterproofing the tube.
Thats why i thought of ordering the upgrade.



The o-rings on the main electronics tube that waterproof it are the same for v2.6, v2.7, and v2.8.

The battery tube endcap o-rings switched from thin ones to thicker ones halfway through the v2.6 production run (serial numbers 1400 and greater).

If you are having problems with waterproofing the tube check to see if there is enough o-ring engagement.

These images are pulled from the instruction set. If you are having poor o-ring contact reach out to our support team and we can work with you to fix the situation.


Hi Brain,
well i guess i then have a 2.5 ROV :wink:
My Serial is #519 and i have the thin O-Rings. With these its difficult to get a sufficient sealing surface.

And i think this Upgrade Kit was made to enhance the sealing of the former endcaps



I checked out serial number list and you do have a v2.5 OpenROV.

You should be able to use the v2.7 endcap upgrade kit with your v2.5.

The v2.8 endcap upgrade kit will NOT work without changing the internal electronics structure and controller board.


Thanks Brain,
i guess i will order it soon