Endcap left over glue


I am not happy with my glue results. There are still remnants of glue on the o-ring surface. any idea what might cut the glue without melting the plexi glass. or??? i was thinking 600 grit wet dry sandpaper. Think that will compromise the seal? I don't want to continue till I address this concern.

Also. I am searching "seacon" connectors. It would be MUCH nicer to implement proper connectors rather than potting with epoxy. Too permanent and repairs difficult. Not to mention the need to pack the umbilical around. A bulkhead connector. (I will provide the connector I have used in the past as soon as i source it.) would allow options for a bench test setup thus taking the umbilical out of troubleshooting procedures. Allows for testing without breaking into the can.

I am interested also in creating aluminum caps. unless open rov guys can supply me with pieces without the oblong cutout. Just a hole.

anyway. Ideas about cleaning up the endcaps of excess glue?


Hey DC,
Yes, please let us know what connector you use! We've been looking for a low-cost connector solution. If you need any replacement parts, email me: info@openrov.com