Enclosure choose

I want to buy an enclosure from aliexpress. Do you have any advice?

G’day yildizkerem8085, are you able to describe the type of enclosure you are looking for and what you wish to do with it?

Are you looking for a dive enclosure to carry equipment underwater and if so, how deep do you want to dive and what are the details of the equipment you wish to protect such as size/weight/mountings/power/interface etc? Alternatively, are you looking for a topside enclosure to protect equipment from exposure and if so, what are the details?

Please provide some references to any enclosures that you have found on line.

I assume you are looking for a camera enclosure however this forum is used by a wide range of underwater explorers so it pays to be precise with your questions.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: .Me and my team are going to join a local AUV competition this year. We also competed last year too. And we want to change our old enclosure because of cable connection system. Our old enclosure had a pcb transfer system with o-rings and it was hard to change wires. Our working depth is around 2 meters. we found this parts:


G’day again yildizkerem8085, these components look pretty good considering your proposed use however Blue Robotics supply the best quality components for complete ROV systems in my opinion. If you think you might re-use your components in the future then buy the best possible quality you can afford. Make sure you fabricate and keep a supply of epoxy potted cable penetrators in your tool kit since these can be used with nearly any enclosure.

Low cost ROV components for depths less than 5m can be fabricated from PVC tube and other household items as I am sure you have seen in competitions. Small diameter PVC pressure pipe (up to 50mm or 2") is available with screw type fittings that can be used to fabricate waterproof enclosures if you do not need them to be transparent. You can also get creative if you want…wide mouth drink containers and even glass jars can be used with a bit of thought (think about pressurising them with a bike pump and valve after securing the lid and then protecting them from impact…).

If your intention is to focus on fabrication then invest your time tinkering with low cost materials before moving towards ‘off the shelf’ components. If you focus is on coding or other aspects of the competition then buy the “off the shelf” components and invest your time towards your area of focus accordingly. Make sure you check the rules of the competition and use their recommended components if applicable.