Electronics tube depth test IV


External Light Modules and the Rig they are to Live in

Don't be frightened. Its mostly Pictures. ;)

I decided to try my hand at external lighting modules. In water, it is good to have the light shinning in from different angles than the camera. It means that less of the light bouncing off little particles of ocean/lake gunk, goes into the camera lens. That means that you can see more clearly the things you want to see more clearly.

This is the potting of one of the modules.

I used 4 LED boards. Two of them face forward and 2 of them angle downwards.

Testing after filling with oil. Except for a medium sized air bubble. Doh!

This was actually the first module I added the oil to. Although I made sure to make the opening in the highest point, I sadly put it in the middle of the container. Note: it is hard to get bubble into the middle of a flat surface. Combine that with oil making some strong bubbles and I was unable to get all the air out. That is okay, the long tube with the wires in it is flexible and its volume far exceeds that of the air bubbles. Phew!

It works! Hooray!

For this Module I used a small acrylic container re-purposed from miniature supplies. They don't need to be super strong if you are filling them with oil.

This is how I filled them. I've learned quite a lot about filling modules with oil so far:

- 1 tube is bad

- 1 small tube is worse

- Air wants to go up, but not as badly as you think it does.

- Hot Glue gun will bond even in the presence of oil! Good! (I think it may burn up the small amount between it and whatever you are gluing. It smoked just a little bit)

- Mineral oil will slowly break down Hot Glue. Booo! Not Good.

This is one I started last night. It will hold one of the OpenROV LED light boards.

I found this container at a dollar store. Very cheap and the perfect size for a small light module.

Before I move on to the 'Rig', here is a time-lapse video showing oil coming through wires. The same (though reverse) process as water:

In case the embedding does not work click this. :)

Though upside-down, this is basically what I am working with. E-tubes in the middle with lights and cameras outside box. It is upside-down so I could see where the e-tubes would be since they will be floating up as far as they can get.

Originally I was hoping to have 3 cameras, but I may have to settle for 2 if my camera troubles are not solved. If so then I will not have a very good view down below the 'rig', as one of the cameras will have to do double duty as second perspective of the test subjects as well as peering down past the rig.

This would be from the bottom looking up.

Roughly what the side shot webcam will see.

What I expected the bottom (looking up) camera to see. This one won't happen if I go with 2 cameras.

Next Post will cover the webcam modules, including my 1/4" OpenROV e-tube which I intended to test with the rest but instead will be going in hot.

Here is a sneak peek:

The WebCam graveyard.