Electronics tube depth test I


I'm going to do some depth tests with the electronics tube(s) with various end caps. I've cut up some tubes and smoothed the edges of a few.

On the left is my original tube.

They get smaller to the right. that is on purpose!

Tubes will be sent down with different thickness of end caps and thicker end caps mean shorter tubes.

The tubes didn't really have to be shorter for the tests as they will not be installed in the ROV. But too late now!

Even the shortest is still (just) big enough for the electro-guts (2.4 anyway)

They are all the 3mm tubes as normal except for one which is 6mm. Strong!

Filed, (then filed some more...) then sanded. I am going to try a different end cap which will require a smooth edge for the seal. More sanding and finer paper are in my future.

There will be some delays still before the test. Laser cutting of the end cap parts needs doing as well as parts arriving the mail.

The acrylic sheets are in a box here. 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2".

Also my laptop does not have a working battery. I bought a replacement but it is taking forever to show up. It is quite hard to field test the ROV with out a working laptop and I have had some minor adventures attempting to do so. No good footage yet though. :)


Awesome! Keep us posted. Also, do you have a pressure chamber for testing? OR you doing it the old fashioned way (ie. sending it down)?


I'm using natures pressure chamber!

I have a 300m cable and plan to drop into Howe Sound.

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Hey! I am eager to see your results!


Is there any way I could get a pair of the new battery tubes? I am, of course, also interested in the new Board and propellers and all the new bits really. But the battery tubes I would like to test with the e-tubes.

I am still waiting on a few things here before I will be ready to go any way so I can afford to wait for shipping. And I am not asking for a free-bee. :)



For sure! We'll be adding all the individual components to the store very soon.