Electronics board completed


I migrated everything off the breadboard and onto a circuit board. The components that make up the power supply and the Arduino are all soldered home. I know this picture is a mess but here is what it is. The circuit board on top contains all the components as mentioned. I am using the two breadboards below to run the LED's. The LED's for the TX and RX and I have LED's mounted to the motor driver pins. Since I don't have the motors yet I figured the LED's could give me a blinky blinky and at least let me know the software side is responding. I don't plan to run any LED's on the ROV itself since I figure the electronics will be worked out before they go into the ROV and LEDs at that point won't do me much good. I could be wrong, but I am plowing forward with only a power LED on the circuit board for now. I also have not wired the reset into the correct pin on the Beagle Board. I was a bit confused by the schematic for that portion so I still have my reset button. I see no reason to remove the button since it should be able to stay in place even with reset pin wired from the BeagleBone to the ATMega chip.