Electronics assembly


Hi there,

Does anyone have pictures of the assembled electronics plate (with the ESCs etc)???


Almost done building #061, yey!! With a few mods, I might add... and with all parts cut by hand (I had to, the laser cutting place was flooded)!

I'll post about the build later....


Wow!! Cut by hand? That's amazing.

How'd you do it?


I did it the old fashioned way: cut the rough outlines with table- or bandsaw, then filed (and sanded) the parts to exact fit. And i can't recommend it to anybody, takes forever!

I wanted to keep the propulsion part modular, so I used up a lot of time cutting out all the little notches and square holes, instead of simply cutting square pieces and cementing them together. This gave me an insight into the thought process behind the OpenRov.

Besides, I somehow ordered slightly bigger props and had to modify the prop guards for a bigger diameter and redesign the handle/support brace parts anyway.



My hat is off to you for doing all that work. I'm on the East Coast right now (just got done with the World Maker Faire in NYC) but happen to have an ROV with me. I took this quick photo with my camera phone which isn't all that great, but hopefully it will give you an idea of how everything goes together. Please also post photos of your hand-made ROV- that rocks!


Also, please note that the black and red power leads would normally be plugged into screw a screw terminal (or something like that) on the right which would also be connected to the power input on the white Molex connector. After I get back home, I hope to figure out the remaining details and post more detail about how that all goes together. Good luck on your project!



Thanks, Eric!

What kind of plug is that? I guess you put the Beaglebone on the other side then, how does that look like, all connected?

Waiting to hear how you guys made out, I love the whole OpenROV concept, can't wait to get my hands on one of the capes...


Never mind the plug question, I used the power supply plug off an old motherboard, beats waiting for the mail and it's a molex also.

Moving the relay was a brilliant idea, by the way. I spent some time trying to figure out how to give my (somewhat stiff) wires enough space to move with the servo.