Electronic Board does not start



I finally finished the upgrade of the electronic tube from 2.4 to 2.5. Then I plugged the batteries and...


It was probably the most frustrating moment since a while...


Not a single tiny LED to say hello and show any sign of life...

I unmounted the card, removed everything except the ESCs and still nothing...

When I plug the BB, it doesn't start up...

I extracted the card out of the tube, removed all wires from the DB25 except one battery plugged to the pins 6 and 7.

Still nothing...

The board has 12V on it, measured on some points.

Is there anything special to do?

Thanks for your help.




More info: the ESCs do not receive any 12V.

Could this help to find the issue?

Must both batteries to be connected to the board or one should be enough?




Hi again,

I finally removed all the ESCs... Just in case.

Still nothing.

I simply noticed the LED1 named PWR to light on when I plug the DB25 for about 1s then it shuts down and I have nothing else...

Please help, I am desperate...



Hey Benoit,

Sorry- I somehow missed this thread before. One basic question to start- have you plugged in your topside adapter? Unlike the v2.4 ROVs, you need to have the topside adapter plugged in and on in order to turn the ROV on (the ROV detects a small voltage across the wires of the tether which allows it to turn on).

If this is something you've already done, there are some other things that could be going on. Let me know and I'll talk you through it.




Thanks a lot for your fast answer!

No I didn't plug the topside adapter. Now it's done, and things are not really getting better:

I have the top side adapter plugged with the ethernet in it.

The down side is connected to the board.

When I try to measure conductivity between the top side adapter and the pin that goes into the down side adapter on the board, I see the power led that blinks...

I have only wired both power pins and the tether wires on the DB25.

The cable I am using to connect to the topside adapter is quite short (20cm).

When I try to read voltage on the top side adapter output pins, I read nothing. Should I solder it to the 3.3V?



Ok! Now I remember reading stuff about putting some voltage...

I double checked on the top side adapter schema, and I didn't upgrade the wiring from 2.4!

Will check that now!



It works beautifully!

I had not upgraded the top side adapter!

Thanks for your support.