Electrical Slip Ring for the Tether


David Murphy has done a lot of really cool stuff with OpenROV, but a recent post he made on the forums really caught out attention so we thought we'd re-post it here. As simple as it seems, tether management is always a very big part of any ROV deployment, so it's great to see ideas going in this direction.

From David's post:

I thought that I would share my build of the tether and stand using a slip ring. The wire you see is 500' of 22AWG Teflon coated aircraft wire, this is a very tough coating which should stand up when rubbed against rocks or rough objects (time will tell :) ). The frame was made from1/2" CPVC plumbing tubing and fittings, I used a full 10' length of pipe with only a few inches to spare. You will also see the Slip ring that fit into the end of the 1/2' pipe after I drilled it out with a 1/2" bit. This went together better that I had expected and made it very easy to incorporate the slip ring. I still have to wire in the Slip Ring and do some testing hopefully all will work as planed. I also plan to mount the MediaLink close to the slip ring on the frame and put a top on the unit so that it becomes a stand for my laptop. If anyone wants more detail of this let me know.

The entire thread on this can be found on the Forums here: