[Duplicate] Current image's ttyO1 not working on BeagleBone white?


Hi all,

I am still operating my OpenROV using the old BeagleBone (white) that came with my kit. While the serial port that connects the cape with the BBW worked with the image that I have been using so far (OpenROV-05-09-2013.img), it seems that in the current image (OpenROV-2.5-29), the cape is not responding on /dev/ttyO1. I can't upload code to the Arduino any more, nor can I send/receive serial commands to communicate with the Arduino code that is already on the cape. When I switch back to the old image, it works flawlessly. Did I miss something?



Hey Stefan,

Nothing that was intentional. While I have recreated the issue on a white I have here, I have not had time to debug on the new image to figure out why. Issue logged here: https://github.com/OpenROV/openrov-software/issues/273


Hi Brian,

meanwhile I found that the issue is not with the 2.5-29 image itself, but it comes with the kernel update to 3.14.15-bone6 you described here.

The kernel update is really great, since it reduces the mjpeg streamer's cpu usage significantly! The camera video is a lot smoother and the performance now allows for higher frame rates as well! Great imporvement!

The backdraw is that the serial connection to the BBW does not work anymore. It would be really great if you could manage to get this working, too!



Thanks for looking at that Stefan. Helps to know it is an artifact of the kernel upgrade. Will close this as a duplicate of the other thread linked above.