Drop/Clump Weight



After successful use of the platform to survey shallow water marina fish assemblages, we are moving on to hopefully look at some unsurveyed deepwater rock structures (~200fsw) near the cables running from Miami to the Bahamas on the Florida shelf.

I’m looking for any designs of a clump tether weight to eliminate a lot of the tether drag at those depths. There are a lot of topics on the forums however I can’t find any finalized designs. I know @Walt_Holm mentioned having a design he was happy with I’d be interested in seeing. I also saw the use of one on the gripper test video and it just looks like some dive lead strung on the tether with a beacon light. Is this the most effective method?

I guess what I’m asking is does anyone have a photo or materials list of a clump weight system they’re content with?
Also any tips for deepwater deployments appreciated, especially if the vessel can’t be anchored.