Dragon's Breath Cave, Namibia


I was wondering if the ROV community could advise me about whether portable ROV's exist for exploring deep lakes. The one that I am examining specifically is located in Dragon's Breath Cave in Namibia. This is the world's largest underground lake, 5 acres in area. 100 feet below the surface. The depth of the lake is beyond 300 feet, and its bottom has not been surveyed. access is through a small hole in the ceiling. you can get inflatables down there, but do small portable ROV's exist?

thanks to anyone for information. cheers, tco


Hi Tullis,

This is precisely what the OpenROV was built for. It does very well in these situations. You can find a number of them on OpenExplorer. Including this one: https://openexplorer.com/expedition/khumbuglacier


thanks for the lead David. this is much appreciated. cheers, TCO


Yeah- I have to follow up and say that this sounds AMAZING! OpenROV was designed specifically for exploring enclosed areas in hard to get to places that require extreme portability. Are you planning to launch an expedition there youreself? How can we help?



Yes, I am. I am planning to submit a proposal to National Geographic to fund an expedition there. I just need to get permission from the property owners and establish logistical costs. Any help you can provide on the ROV front so that we could include it as part of the proposal would be great! cheers, tco


Hi Eric,

I’d like to ask for your help and advice. I’m a long distance endurance swimmer from England, I’m training for an expedition to Chile to swim the worlds highest lake (Ojos Del Salado) I’m looking to combine this with the worlds deepest swim across the Lake the bottom of Dragons Breath Cave.

Could you point me in the direction of the property owners I would need to obtain permission from? As well as logistical costs.

Also do you know of an experienced team of cavers who might be able to assist an expedition?

Best regards,