Dragonbox Pyra Compatibility, some questions about the Trident


Hi, I have just discovered the Trident and I am very interested, however I have some questions. My main point is regarding another startup device called the Dragonbox Pyra. The Pyra is a full Linux PC about the size of a Nintendo DS and it has full sized USB Ports and a built in game controller. I have already preordered mine and I thought it would be great to controlling the Trident, plus they are slated for release around the same time.

Some information on the Pyra can be found here. https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/pages/pyra/

I started a thread on the Pyra boards asking about possible Trident compatibility: https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/openrov-support-using-the-pyra-to-control-a-submarine-drone.77468/

Another user raised some interesting questions about compatibility and I was wondering if I could get some answers here regarding the Trident to see about compatibility with the Pyra. Here are the questions:

  1. Has anybody ever tried if a USB/RJ-45 adapter works?
  2. What’s the power requirement via the USB connection?
  3. Which technology is the web interface based on?
  4. Can the video resolution be changed?
  5. Can the submarine be controlled via a mouse?

I am looking forward to your responses, and I think the Pyra would serve very well as a Trident controller.


This could make a very cool ROV controller. I’m quite interested in this for the 2.x series as well as the trident.

  1. Yes, I’ve used a USB / Ethernet adapter (on windows tho). But as dTal stated on the pyra forum, a wifi bridge and USB bank would be better (I use this setup instead of USB and Ethernet cables)
  2. Pretty low I think, way less than 500mA, it’s used to turn on an optocoupler and power the topside interface.
  3. It’s a web server - chrome is the supported browser. If you want to know more about how it works check out the code on github.
  4. Yes - but you have to change the code on the device using cloud 9
  5. Partially, you can control some functions with a mouse, but most of the driving is usually controlled with a keyboard or gamepad. There are new touchscreen interfaces coming in the next software update.

I would like to find out some more info on the pyra. My main points of concern are.

  1. Is the display daylight readable?
  2. Is the display large enough? I have to zoom out the cockpit to 75% size on a 11" 1366x768 screen to make everything fit nicely.
  3. Will it run Chrome / Chromium?
  4. Is the built in gamepad compatible with HTML 5, Xinput API or DirectInput API?
  5. Is it powerful enough to record video in VLC while driving the ROV and decoding a 1080p stream?

I hope my response is helpful and I would love to know more about the Pyra.


@Brendan Has pretty much hit all the key points that will determine out of the box compatibility.

As long as the device can run the latest version of Chrome/Chromium, has passable hardware H264 decode (can fall back to MJPEG to work around this), and its gamepad enumerates itself using the standard HTML5 gamepad API, there should be no issue.


I am no expert on the Pyra and all of this is just info I have managed to glean by browsing the forum, so I will do my best to answer these questions.

Only prototypes exist right now but there have been threads about daylight readability and it seems to be pretty good for it at the moment, and the display will be improved before release.

The screen is a 5 inch 1366x768 screen, although it supports 1080p video out to a monitor

Right now you need to hack chromium in from a different repo, but once the Pyra comes out it will have chromium in its repo

The Pyra is confirmed t do HD Video streaming in real time, although I don’t know about how the Gamepad works.


Sorry, for the gamepad, I meant to say “enumerates itself as a USB HID gamepad”. Most of the modern browsers will now pick up anything that provides a gamepad descriptor in its HID report. The only issue is that it likely will not have any default bindings (map from axis/button numbers to general gamepad regions like left stick, right stick, etc) in any browser, so it would require adding a new binding in our gamepad code.