Dominik's new Image - trying to burn to SD card using Ubuntu


I have been trying to burn the new image to an SD card with not much luck.

If I take the SD Card and format it on my Windows system then plug it into my Ubuntu system it shows up as /dev/mmcblk0p1 it does not show up as /dev/sdx . if I do a sudo dd if=newimage of=/dev/mmcblk0p1 it seems to burn the image which I think was around 1.6GB the card will then no longer be recognized by Ubuntu as a mountable filesystem. if I try to boot the card using the BB it does not work. I know Dominik mentioned to use the dd command using /dev/sdx but I can never get the SD card to be associated to SDx

Has anyone else been able to burn this image to an SD card using a Ubuntu OS system?

or can anyone who has Linux knowledge guide me.




I decided to use Windows to burn the Image and this seems to work.

I inserted the new SD Card into the BB and booted up ok.

I noticed that the Ver in the cockpit is 20130314034900 this was the same as my old version.

Maybe this got overlooked or what do I look for in the code to make sure I have the correct file.

I am burning this again just in case I selected the wrong image to burn the 1st time.


ok looks like this is the new image as I have noticed the changes in code and that It may just be an oversight on the Revision not being updated and showing up in the cockpit.


Hi Dave,

You're right, the version wasn't changed. I have to add this to the image generation.

About the issue with DD:

If you put the SD card in a built in card reader in a laptop, they usually show up as /dev/mmcblkXXX, right.

To write the image in this case use have to use the device /dev/mmcblk0

mmcblk0p1 is the first partition whereas mmcblk0 (without the p1) is the entire disk.