DJI Goggles link to Topside Controller


I want to use the Trident (on order) from a dinghy to explore around the Great Barrier Reef. I have some DJI Goggles, with a Type D (micro) HDMI input. I also have an ASUS Zenpad 8 [Z380M] with a micro USB slot.

I have found it hard to get details on the slots on the Topside Controller module. One discussion featured reference to a Mini HDMI output and a micro USB slot. (Is the HDMI slot mini or micro?)

Since I will be in the dinghy, the issue of remote Wifi connection is unimportant to me as I will have the Topside Controller beside me in the dinghy.

Should it be possible to link the three things together with wires: USB from Asus Zenpad to Topside Controller, and HDMI from the Topside Controller to the DJI Goggles?


I am convinced that this is possible. The connection with the topside is wifi based and the goggels or a second screen have to be connected to the controller.


I have become aware of a possible confusion. There are two different things that could be called the ‘Topside Controller’. One is the WiFi Topside Module, which is attached to the tether.

The other is the all-in-one Android controller with touchscreen and thumb-sticks. This is a JXD S192K Singularity controller, sold as an accessory on the OpenRov site and called the Trident Controller


Sorry … i am convinced that this is not possible ! I was speakink about the white bos attached at the end of the tether.