DIY ROV thruster 4,78 kg (10.5 lbs) from DT700 Brushless Motor


Tested forward/reverce thrust at 12V
0.8A - 0.5/0.5 kg (1.1/1.1 lbs)
2A - 1.0/0.9 kg (2.2/1.98 lbs)
3A - 1.35/1.2 kg (2.98/2.65 lbs)
4A - 1.65/1.5 kg (3.64/3,31 lbs)
5A - 1.9/1.7 kg (4.19/3.75 lbs)
10A - 2.5/2.1 kg (5.51/4.63 lbs)
14A - 3/2.7 kg (6.61/5.95 lbs)
19.5A - 4/3.8 kg (8.8/8.38 lbs)
25A - 4,78 kg (10.5 lbs) (46.5 N) more than Blue Robotics T200!

Efficiency at 12V (g/W) (lbs/W)
at 1A: 52 g/w (1.83 oz/w) more than Blue Robotics T200!
at 2A: 41 g/w (1.44 oz/w)
at 3A: 37 g/w (1.3 oz/w)


I’ve been reading up on 3d-printed parts under great pressure and it seems to me, so far, that they won’t be good at great depths due to the layering, micro-pores etc.

Nice thrust curve :slight_smile:


DIY hyperbaric test chamber
We tested our 3d printed parts up to 25 bar for 48 hours. They all 100% infill + acetone treated and work perfect. The first our thruster was made 3 years ago and there is no damage at all.


Well that’s encouraging to hear, printed in ABS with a large layer height?


For now we made HIPS 0.2mm only but our ROV has two PLA 0,15mm + two ABS 0,1mm + two PETG 0,2mm.


Thanks for the info. I got an i3 mega a few weeks ago but it’s taking me a while to tame the beast.


I wish you the same quality!