DIY ROV Internal Electronics Assembly

Hey divers,
Just wanted to share with you a project I’ve been working on for about two years, and I think this might give you some inspiration for your own projects.

This is an internal electronics assembly (IEA) that can handle pretty much anything you’d need from a small ROV. The Raspberry Pi delivers a video feed to a topside WiFi module, and sends control signals to two DC motor drivers. It receives and sends all the necessary information via its Ethernet port. What’s more, this configuration leaves most of the GPIO pins available, which means it’ll be pretty easy for users (and certainly me) to add instrument payloads and tools later on.

I’m particularly proud of getting this to work with waterproofed DC motors. While they’re not necessarily known for their precision, I’ve been a fan of the type of the brushed DV motor cartridges you find in bilge pumps. That’s because they’re encased in plastic, which prevents corrosion on pretty much all of the motor, except for what little shaft is exposed. I’ve found that the trick to making these work is to use a proper motor driver. The black Cytron boards satisfy precise motor control, as well as space requirements.
Check out the videos on my website for a demonstration of how powerfully, quickly, and precisely these drivers can maneuver an ROV:

The IEA also includes a servo-mounted 5Mpx RPi Camera. The cameras tilt angle is controlled by the tilt of users’ android device.
If you want to learn more, check out my forums!


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