DIY 3 Thrusters ROV Build Log


Hello Everyone I’ve for a while wanted to build an underwater robot.
I’ve done some research and also read the book - underwater robotics science design & fabrication.

I’ll make my own design, I’ve been sketching a little on paper for now, and will tonight and the next days 3D model something that will look like a feasible concept to built.

Originally I wanted to built a rov with 8 thrusters and use a space navigator 3D mouse for manuere it in all directions, but as a first starter build I’ll start with a 3 thruster design, then the 8 thruster design must be a future dream for now.

I’m looking forward to feedback.

My experience is cad, arduino & basic electronics, simple programming, 3D printing etc I’ve been learning some basics of ROS, therefore I hope later on that people with ROS experience would be helpful to get something working, that would be way to cool.

I’m thinking about running it on a raspberry pi and arduino. with raspi cam. Hoping to get some of the ros packages working for opencv.

Look forward to an update in a couple of days, I’m out and busy now drawing and looking for parts.


OpenROV has great customer service to go along with their products. I really like their electronics package but wanted a different housing, so I built my own.

Blue Robotics has some really good thrusters and penetration fittings. The first unit I built was a 3 thruster unit. I am now working on a 5 thruster unit so I can fly it, or take it straight down while still in a horizontal plane. (similar to the Aquabotics design).