DIT (Do-It-Together) Exploration


Over the past few years, the most fun and educational aspect of developing OpenROV has been going on the various expeditions: Hall City Cave, Sea of Cortez, Searching for the SS Tahoe, etc. The expeditions (however makeshift they were/are) have been rallying points for feature development, bug-fixing and, most importantly, meeting new friends and collaborators. On each trip, we've widened the circle of friends that have taken part in this adventure. In fact, it's exactly that aspect - a number of people with diverse skills, backgrounds and interests coming together - that has made those trips a reality!

That's the main reason we've been developing OpenExplorer. We want to give everyone the opportunity to find others who want to join in the fun. Connecting people, tools, and interesting questions.

Here's an example:

Dominik is traveling through Switzerland with an OpenROV in tow. By posting about his trip on OpenExplorer he's able to connect with others in the area - including someone with a boat on Lake Zurich who can take them out. Jorre finds out about it, and has been wanting to see an OpenROV in action, etc.

If I've learned anything so far, it's that the most interesting adventures happen when people work together. Even if you're don't have everything entirely planned out, just getting started might attract the right person or team to help make the expedition a reality!