Disconnectable tether using homeplug adapter?


Hey Forum,

What is the opinion on adding a connector to the tether close to the ROV to be able to connect different length tethers? Of course it would be made sure that no water enters where the tether is cut/connector is fitted.

What do you think?




Sure you can there are a number of wet pluggable plugs and sockets available on the market i used them extensively in my diving helmet com and camera/light systems they are not cheap but ....


I wasn't thinking about a wet pluggable solution. Rather a fairly simple solution with some kind of connector. maybe casting in epoxy.


Over the years i have tried epoxy (it does not work with anything flexible ) Polyurethane low shore hardness again failure to adhere to most any wire coating ,Plastidip (Vinyl compound ) same issue , i tried roughing the surface ,i tried primers (pre adhesives ) and all have failed and yet 3M rubber tape and 3M liquid adhesive (applied between each layer of tape ) Works , it is how i couple Marsh plugs and wet plugs to the ends of the cables no matter what the cable is coated in , The only other choice is "welding " with the same coating material by heat fusion and compression to seal the joint (harder than you think to do ) such is my experience over the last 30 plus years . I am very careful about my splices because 400 amps at 48 volts DC or DC RP Hurts like nothing else in the world !! Hollow steel electrode oxy cutting and arc /water gouging current levels .