Directly submerging Liquipel'd PCB?


Does anyone have any experience with this technology?

Is it depth/pressure limited? I'm imagining a ROV built directly on a PCB, with no pressure-vessel.


I contacted them, here's what they said:

Thank you for your interest in Liquipel! We are unable to offer you the information regarding our depth rating as it is proprietary. However, if you are interested in having Liquipel applied to bare circuit boards we are able to offer that service as long as you provide us with a few samples to treat. At your earliest convenience, please complete and return the attached Sample Request form to Tory Moreno at Once you have submitted the completed request, our technicians will review the information and determine whether we are able to coat several samples of your product. We will also be able to provide you with a quote for the sample treatments. For those who are interested, we do offer in-house destructive testing of the samples once the Liquipel process is complete. If you opt to have destructive testing administered then we can certainly provide you with more information regarding the IPX rating of the coating with regards to your product once an NDA is in place. If you have any further questions regarding the Sample Request form, or the process in general, please feel free to contact Tory Moreno via email or give us a call at the number listed below.



This is a GREAT find! Very, very interesting. I could envision using this on our motors and pcb's right now. I'm going to follow up per the instructions and see if I can send in parts for in-house destructive testing.

And you're right, depending on how well it works, it really changes what's possible from a design perspective.

More soon!



Here’s a link to the sample form:

We really should fix this wobsit.


I have some of this hydro bead stuff in a spray can at work. This post made me remember that. If I get a chance I will test it next week, maybe spray a piece of copper down with hydro bead, another with silicone, and an untreated and leave in seawater for a couple of days?