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Working through the v2.4 kit build... I really like the idea of having the look up/down capability; is the kit servo definitely under powered? will a new alternative be discussed in the v2.4 update for the internal electronics? in the end cap assembly video it almost sounded like this capability might be eliminated...?



P.S. first post here - hi everyone. Its great to see so many people with experience in this stuff contributing - I am a software guy, working with things in the real world is new to me :-)



Great question! Like you, I am working on the v2.4 kit build and was wondering the same thing.



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Unfortunately, the servo supplied with the kit doesn't have the torque necessary to overcome both the static friction of the E-chassis turning against the tube, as well as the moment force from the E-chassis itself. It turns out that trying to pivot the E-chassis from its center point takes a very considerable amount of torque (try it with your fingers!). We don't have an alternative right now for v2.4, but we actively working towards getting this feature implemented (it is in the cockpit software after all :P). I'm working on a solution that relocates the servo to actuating against the outer edge of the endcap/tube, greatly increasing the effective torque. Ill post updates on the wiki/forums as development progresses, Hope this helps!


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Thanks for the quick response Colin - makes sense.

If you start playing further with ideas I encourage you to post them as work in progress, I'll be trying to figure something out as well...

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