Direction issue hard to turn right


hi folks,
when i got my openrov, i got warned that he had an issue:
he has trouble turning right, it mainly goes left.
so everything i go forward, it goes forward + left and at the end it s very annoying.
they changed the esc, and nothing changed, can it be software?
is there anything i can check in logs i can generate for debug this situation?

i am running 30.0.0

thxx for your support
best regards


if you are familiar with drone, it s like having 20% dural rate on right and 100% on left, very weird


There is a telemetry feed for 'mtarg` with three values, the port, vertical, starboard values of the motors in microseconds. 1500 is neutral. mtarg is the target for the motors. So when going forward at half speed, both the port and starboard value should read ~1750ms, but they should be equal.

If not moving forward, but rotating right/left seem work work correctly?

Some mechanical things to check:
If you have the power off and manually try rotating the props, do they both seem to rotate with the same resistance? If one has a bad bearing then it will be harder to turn than the other and may result in a slower rpm for the same motor target speed.

If you visually inspect the props, do they seem in generally the same condition? If you have one prop that has a leading edge that is scratched up or pitted, that hurts the efficiency and I have seen a good 15 to 20 degree turn when attempting to go straight with a damaged prop.


thanks a lot for your reply.
in fact the earlier owner of my rov, did lots of changes, motor, swap esc, changed esc, and still same issue, it never go straight always tend to add a direction to the left. he talked with one of openrov staff, that said it might be a software issue.

so i gonna update to 30.0.2 but wiki is down can t download the link of the image for install it on the micro sd.
can i use this command instead as alternative?
sudo /opt/openrov/cockpit/linux/arduino/

before update i gonna check the values you said and do a report.
if you are available i am on #openrov on irc, just in case
thxx a lot

best regards


i checked what you talked about
values are identical, very weird


just updated to last version, let see if issue is fixed