Difficulty glueing propellor onto shaft


Did anyone else have insane difficult getting the propellor to go all the way down the shaft over the 4mm heat shrink?

Iv tried leaning, pushing, standing on, twisting on... with glue, without glue... won't go down past the heat shrink. Im worried any more pressure with snap something!!

Can anyone share how they did this?




Did you have the heat shrink tubing covering the entire shaft? You should have only used an 8mm length and had about 4mm free. The propeller is not supposed to fit tightly, and the hole for it does not go very deep, this is what the epoxy is for.

If your heat shrink does go all the way up, cut about 4mm off from the tip and try it again.

If you could throw up some pictures, that might give us a better idea.


Ahh 8mm, got it, worked!!

Thank you!!