Didn't get on with OROV 2.8. Will a Trident be better?

Hi all. I’ve had a 2.8 for about 3 years and have done a handful of dives. I have to say it has never been very easy to steer or find where I am. It is basically a bit hit 'n miss where it ends up. Usually on the sea bed, just hoping there’s something worth looking at. We now have some serious work to do inspecting Serpulid reefs and I need to be able to steer accurately and go to a particular place and possibly do some transects. Is the Trident a completely different animal or will I face the same issues? With the 2.8 is seems to be very sensitive to the slightest current, once it is out of sight you can’t trust the instruments, when the tether is slightly tight you can’t turn. I found it to be an interesting toy but not a serious work tool. Is the Trident a serious instrument?

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Yeah, it is. I recommend you check out some of the videos. In particular, it has a very effective stabilize control. It’s not bothered at all by the tether.

Thanks Peter. I decided to go for the Gladius Mini in the end. It is pretty awesome, very well made, have yet to dive it but it does inspire confidence.

Would be interested in your thoughts after you have dived the mini. I have been watching what Chasing and FiFish (QYSEA) have been doing and the focus on video quality and associated imaging tools, with cross-over from some drone products. These appear to be sealed units, so I have wondered about changing out batteries and alike after a number of cycles, and in some cases motors. Any feedback you have on that after use would be appreciated.

Personally I have found my OROV 2.8, with neutral tether and an IMU, ok to pilot, the environments dived though are pretty benign with little water movement, mostly looking at patches of corallines and observing fish behaviours, though the level of maintenance and repairs has been rather high. If you are thinking of selling on the 2.8 please drop me a PM.

Happy rov’ing and would like to see footage for those serpulid reefs :slight_smile: Are you involved in a particular project or initiative on the reefs?

Also be interested in the comparison, before and after. Anything we can add to Trident to make it a compelling choice over anything else is of course interesting to us.