Devolo homeplugs


hello togehter,

had someone an other type of homeplug running instead of the tenda devices?
I try to get access to my bbb via a pair of dlan 200 avmini adapter from devolo. If i connect the beaglebone diretly via network all fine, if i connect my laptop via this adapter to the internet all fine.
If i connect the homeplug to my bbb it looks like the bbb dont regognise the adapter as a network device. The green und yellow led´s on the socket stay dark.

unplug the adapter and reconnect to the laptop the led lit up and i had connection.

very strange to me


One more i did (suggestions from the tech support of develo) was to hook a network switch between BBB and the Homeplug. But again without succes. From my point of view the beaglebone dont recognize the homeplut either the switch as a nework device and the port is switched off.

Unpluggig the cables and redo the connection with my laptop forces beaglebones network port imediatly back to work.

My beaglebone is running Suite 30.0.3 Flash Image 30.1.0

Some ideas what to do???



Same issues if I load release 31 to my beaglebone.

Connect direct to my computer… ok
Connect via network switch to computer… don’t work
Connect via homplugs… don’t work

Connecting the BBB to my Router… Port LED´s switch on