Development Call Today!


As I mentioned in a previous blog post, we're hosting live-streaming development calls about the progress and projects we're currently working on.

We're having another dev call today, 12pm pdt, on Google+. It's a public hangout, which means anyone can watch. You can watch it from here at noon (Pacific time):

Please feel free to leave comments and questions as you watch the stream. The main discussion points of the call today are:

  • Tethers (decision tree, kickstarter kits, fiber optic)
  • Software
  • BeagleBone Cape Update
  • Kickstarter Kit Update

Hope to hear from you!


Which is 21:00 CET - Western Europe


Video of the discussion here:


In regards to the image, wouldn't it be just as easy to just dd the a card from a working ROV? I know the initial card needs to have the stock ubuntu image ask Dominik was saying, then once everything is compiled once, it can be copied. I have ubuntu on my BB, with node and everything else compiled, but no cape or camera, when I run the software it errors out (uart errors because the auxiliary devices are not present?) so I don't know if mine would be of any use.

To copy the card in linux:

dd if=/dev/SDCARD of=~/sd-card.bin

then to write to card:

dd if=~/sd-card.bin of=/dev/SDCARD


thanks for link especially liked interesting stuff re sensor placement near the end and the big heads up on this worldwide impeller shortage you guys are responsible for (I got the $220 kit so feel free to give updates on good places to go on when it goes back in stock - like in a month or so at most your were saying?) I am going to start sourcing stuff out pretty soon. Hey delays are the name of the game dont sweat it, strong work guys. have a blast at makers faire. Hey I love this bill of materials spreadsheet which is a central part of the whole deal- it would be cool to add a column with the header "included in bare-bones kit" or some such title so that the 15 of us doing that can be clear on whats needed to get. No big deal if no time, we'll sort it out. Cheers.


woohoo just found (and bought) 3 of the last 4 of these impellers in the world :-)


@Alejandro - Thanks! We'll try it.

@Frank - The great impeller drought of 2012!!! Believe me, that situation has (surprisingly) caused me an inordinate amount of head aches in the past month.

Here's a list of the what's in the bare bones kit:

Let me know if you still have questions!