Development Call Recap


Youtube recording in case you missed the development call this afternoon.


I posted info on this call below:

Two items from today's dev call (FPGA board and state machine framework)



Hey folks,

As you talk about using an Android based tablet for controlling the ROV, this reminds me of something I've seen lately and which looks to me like the perfect OpenROV controller device:

Well, of course, thats way too expensive and overpowered, but what about building a similar controller on our own (e.g. by tearing down a cheap OTS gamepad), combining it with an affordable Android tablet?

Or what about this affordable and more compact solution:

Would be interesting if this device can handle the video stream without dropouts while handling the traffic in parallel (my Atom based netbook has a hard time in doing so).

What do yout think?



I paired my PS3 controller to my android phone (note2). It was able to activate the lights and the 2 main motors, but due to key mapping limits it was not able to activate the top motor. The key mapping did not have a Ctrl key available.

The main issue that kept me from sorting it out was that I didn't see how I could record the video stream. I even installed Ubuntu on the phone and installed VLC in Ubuntu, but It froze. I didn't look into why since there where other issues keeping it from working in short order(like needing a wireless battery powered router). And then my laptop battery arrived and that was that.

In the thumbnail for the dev call video you guys look like you are out for blood! :D


Here's a link to the tablet case for diving. I was thinking about having this tethered to a diver with a short range acoustic modem or wired directly to a detachable spool; thus attached to an OpenROV. A diver could take the ROV to a wreck and explore the wreck / cave safety wise prior to entering the wreck. With limited dive times, especially for recreational divers, this may not be a realistic option, but wreck and technical divers may be interested in this.