Development Call on Friday


We're having another development call this Friday (10/12) at 12pm PDT.

If you're new to the project, tuning into a development call is a good way to get up to speed and ask questions. We host them on Google+ from my page here:

You can watch a recap of previous development calls here:

This week we'll be discussing:

  • Prototypes of the Beaglebone cape and the testing we've put them through
  • Software Updates
  • Kickstarter fulfillment schedules (plastic-only kits will ship this week!).

Email me ( if you'd like to take part in the call.


I really hate to point this out: but there is no such time as 12PM or 12AM. Using AM or PM is ambiguous. It should be 12 Noon or 12 Midnight. Another approach would be to make it 12:01PM.


Thanks for pointing that out, Dennis. Now I know! Won't happen again!