Development Call on Friday 4/18


We're having another development call this Friday. Please feel free to join us. If you want to get an invite to the call, please RSVP here:


22:00 --> What hour ?

Kind Regards


screenshot says 1 pm (i guess PST?)



Don't know if I will be able to make it Friday, but has anyone thought about adding RGB color sensor? In my own logger I currently use tcs34725 on I2C. Haven't fould schematics yet so don't know if it's possible to add this ??


Hi Carsten:

The OROV Controller board has breakouts for both a 5V and a 3.3V I2C bus. The 3.3V I2C bus is routed outside of the vehicle for use by the compass and depth sensor. So yes, you can add this.


Hi Walt

Thanks for the info, so that is for the "Arduino" board?

At moment I'm planning "Add-ons" before getting a OpenROV also regarding Space. My plan is mounting that RGB sensor on the top of the PCB pointing towards the surface.

Have you programmed that with "Arduino" or used AVR Studio?



We use the Arduino IDE for programming the Atmega controller on the OROV Controller Board. From a software standpoint, it looks just like an Arduino Mega.



Ok no problem with that and I'm not too affraid about going forward with it as You can see on my birdsnest


Forgot to ask are there any plans to make outer Shell 3pieces - will make it lot easier to transport long distances without breaking it when cargo handlers move suitcases arround


I applied for it but haven't got a response yet. Will you be accepting the RSVPs when you start the livestream?