Dev kit without ECS's


Hi, I am building an ROV with my school and we are constructing our own frame but are using the open ROV electronics. We purchased the open rov 2.7 dev kit without the esc’s because we had already purchased the blue robotics T100 thruster and 30 amp esc’s they sell. so my question is, should we solder the esc’s to the open rov control board or run them seperatly, ony pluging in the PWM cable to the board.


I think you can do it either way. The advantage of soldering the ESC’s to the control board are that you’ll only need to run 3 wires per thruster into the main water-tight housing, otherwise you’ll need to run 3 for control and 2 for power. The only thing I don’t know is whether the OpenROV control board can handle the 30 amp load that the new ESC’s are rated to.


Hi Kyle and Stretch:

The OROV controller board definitely cannot handle a 30A load. The OpenROV 2.7 motors draw around 7-8 amps at full load, and the board can handle a little more than that, but not much.

So what I’d say is this:

If you’re going to run T100 thrusters using the standard OpenROV battery voltage (9.6V, a 3S configuration of LiFePO4 batteries), then you should be OK mounting the ESCs on the controller board. If you’re running at a higher voltage, say 11.1V (a 3S configuration of LiPO batteries) or 12V, then I would recommend against it. You can do so, but realize that full-power operation of all the motors could end up melting something.



I agree with Walt’s suggestion here. The T100 Thrusters are sold with 30A ESCs because it minimizes heat generated by the ESCs. Even at 12V, the thrusters don’t draw anywhere near 30 amps. At 9.6V they will likely draw no more than 10 amps.