Dev Call Recap


Notes from the call are here:
(Thanks to Peter C!)


Benoit Gantaume proposing to use OpenROV in a student project

Recap of Tahoe trip

  • Day 1: 5 OpenROVs, 60-70ft deep water, encountered scuba divers
    • recorded video, 2 entries - one with on board camera, one with GoPro
  • Day 2: Brian, Zack, John, Eric put 2 OpenROVs in the water at once and interacted
    • tried deeper dive with more balance, farther from shore, new depth sensor. Blackout, water leak at 100m
    • some leakage into main chamber at higher pressure, caused positive pressure inside tube leading to more leaks
    • battery problems - out of proportion between both sides

Designs for new end cap to test failure

  • harder to identify breakage vs glue because the part is white. New clear parts should be clearer
  • need more photos of builds, failures,

Dominik's Report on building

  • Electronics in 2.5 are a lot easier to assemble
  • Still need to glue and pot end caps, battery tubes
  • Can't get the same epoxy in Australia
  • Eric recommends slow curing, low viscosity adhesive
  • Discussion about troubleshooting an issue
  • wire for depth and IMU can be very thin. Thicker wire useful for doing more then I2C
  • Pics from the build:

Michael Humphrey

  • Assemble OpenROVs for middle school/high school project
  • Using OpenROV as part of a distance education program (Seward?)
  • Could use extra boards since building multiple
  • Recommends Firebase to sync between multiple databases for client streaming

Maker Faire Sydney - DF is preventing

  • Nov 24 Sydney Mini Maker Faire
  • Great experience to show off the ROV, let people see and touch it
  • OpenROV HQ will support anyone presenting

Going to Hawaii to test in ocean

  • Bringing 2 ROVs b/c have to back light, ship batteries


I Used a latex balloon instead of Teflon tape. I was never able to get a good enough seal with the Teflon tape but the balloon method worked really well.

I just took a balloon, and with scissors, cut a loop off. You end up with a band like an elastic. I cut it a lot wider than I needed and just let the extra wrap around the inside of the endcap.

If you cut in the middle of the balloon you get a bigger band, which will stretch less and so be thicker. If you instead cut near the opening you get a smaller band and it will stretch more. This way you can tailor the thickness you need to get a good seal. :D

I am glad to see that the e-tube survived your tests. :)


When are you going to Hawaii and which island(s)? If you need dive site recommendations and local tips, let me know.


Great to post notes. That makes it easier to get the info without watching the entire video. Thanks.


Headed to Oahu today. Leaving on Sunday. We'll be there for a conference, and hopefully will get several dives in. Any ideas on Oahu?

Interesting! We'll have to try that method!


A couple suggestions:

The best visibility and wildlife will be found at "Electric Beach", on the west side of the island in front of the power plant. There are a couple dive boats that operate out of Ko Olina Marina. About a 45 minute drive from Waikiki.

Laniakea Beach on the North Shore, not far from Haleiwa and Waimea Beach, is a sea turtle feeding area. It's real popular with the tourists now, but still worth a look.

Makai Pier near Waimanalo and Sea Life Park is a popular dive site and home to a number of oceanographic organizations.

Visibility will be greatly effected if there's been any rain recently, but Electric Beach would be my first choice regardless. Also keep in mind that all these locations are subject to be surf, so check the surf report before you pick a spot.


Here's one of the guys who operates on that side of the island. Give them a call, tell them what you want to do and maybe they'll let you ride a long if you promise to share the videos. ;)



I like your idea. I think I may try it this weekend with some slices taken out of a latex glove.

Did you use O-ring lube on the latex slice, or did you just leave it dry?

Can you post some pictures of your idea in the "Water/Pressure Proofing" section of the forum? I think a lot of people would like to see this.



I put a little grease on the slice as well as the o ring.
I will definitely add photos to the forum. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the information guys. Great work. Would love to see those videos! Especially the VLC feed capture and the failures. What would you say is a "Safe" depth for the ROV? 100 meters is impressive. I am thinking about going 50 or 60, no further than that.



Walt, I added the pictures to the forum.

David, there have been a few tests now and the e-tube/end caps held until around 90m or more. No guarantees obviously, but 60m seems reasonable to me! :D