Dev Call Recap & v2.5 Board Demo


A really good discussion this afternoon. Drop any questions or thoughts in the comments below!


I’m glad I could join this time.


Good to have you there Sam!




I want it all :)

Wow what a great improvement on design for the Cape. Kudos to Walt on a fantastic job!! Put me on the list to get one and the pressure & Navigation once you get it packaged the way you would like. What a great Core Team!!!!!!!!!


Is there a diagram of how the pins are layed out? I am extending my wires any way, so I will switch connectors too.


Great question, Darcy! We hope to put together an extensive documentation package in the coming weeks, but in the mean time, here's an image of the layout:




Where can I order a set of the new left and right hand props. I just got a refund from WONG KIT MAN ANN for a set that I ordered 2 weeks ago. I lost one of the old props testing in a pond and want to upgrade.

Will the new 2.5 board be available to 2.4 owners?



@Frank I got a refund on my order as well. I wish the props weren't so hard to find...isn't that against the goal of Open Hardware?


With contact datails and some infomation about custom declarations i could by and ship the probs directly from germany.