Dev Call Recap 2.18.2014



You can "re-charge" the silica gel packs by putting them in the oven. This site says heat at 250 F for 5 hours. :)


Comment on the 26650 Batteries:

I've created a waterproof battery pack with recharge capability. It's cheap and simple. There are two possible designs (with balancing vs. w/o balancing wires).

A. W/o Balancing

  1. Put three batteries end to end in the heat shrink. Shrink it down then trim.
  2. Put a blob of solder paste (low temperature melt & 5x stronger hold than 60/20 solder)
    1. on each end of the battery pack
    2. solder on a nickel tab and bend over to act like a spring
  3. GE Silicone II Caulk: Seal the ends (leaving the tabs out) with silicone.

B. W Balancing

  1. See above, except add a battery tab in-between the each battery contact
  2. Add wires to the tabs
  3. Run wires out to (-) end. These are balancing wires.