Determining the center of buoyancy of the OpenROV?


Hello, I am fairly new to the world of ROVs and I had a quick question. I am trying to determine the center of buoyancy of the OpenROV. I tried determining the center of buoyancy by using a SolidWorks CAD model of the ROV but I am not sure if its correct. This method let me to determine the center of buoyancy to be located at (0,0,0.02 meters) from the center of mass. Is there any way to check this result by any other means?


Put it in the water? :smile:


Here is a a straight forward method of calculating both the location of the center of buoyancy, as well as the buoyant force -

“I believe the center of buoyancy is just the center of gravity of the water that you have displaced. One way to do it would be to make a configuration of your assembly which contains configurations of all of your parts which have the density of water, rather than the actual part density. You will have to make special configurations that are solid if you have hollow parts. If you don’t want to mess with configurations, you could make a block that is larger than you assembly. Copy it. Use the cavity function on one of the blocks with your assembly as the tool. Now use the cavity function on the other block with the first block as the tool. You will have to fiddle with any hollow parts to make this one work as well.”

Taken from the Solidworks forums -


@Colin_Ho I initially tried the first methods you suggested and came up with what I have. I will try second method to verify my answer. Hopefully I am correct. Thank you for your feedback.