Design changes


picture showing front of electrical housing for camera

did not like having all the wire from camera coiled up inside electrical housing. Cut cable, carefully cut open USB connector, wrote down wire color order, unsoldered wires, soldered shorter wires from camera to connector. No need for angle USB wire.

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I agree... having such a long cable is not a good idea and kind of messy...

Would you mind adding more pics of the process of cutting, soldering etc? It would be a good idea to put it in the wiki too...



I cut the cable about 8 inches from the camera. Cut off the black outside skin of the wire, which left the 4 wires and the shield wire. On the USB connector I cut off the black boot. Then I split open the metal housing. The back of it detaches. You can then pull out the contact part. Remove the insulation RTV. Mine came off pretty easy. Now you can see the wires. Unsolder the wires remembering the colors and where they are! Now solder on the shorter wires still attached to the camera. Slide the contact piece with the wires back in the larger metal housing. I bent the end of the housing up 90 degrees and soldered the shield wire to it. Last step add some RTV to insulate and help hold it together. Good Luck!

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