"Depth Zero" boots camera


I am posting this here because I feel that this might be a software related issue, although I'm not sure. Another user, along with me have been experiencing this same issue. It goes as follows:

-Power up ROV

- Log into Chrome and onto the ROV

-When logged in the camera will not load. You get the blinking picture in the top lefthand corner.

-Although there is no video feed you still have control of the ROV in every aspect.

-To get the camera to boot you must go to the "diagnostics" page and click "zero depth" and "calibrate compass"

-After this the camera feed stay live and working well

-once the camera boots though, the read of the ROV goes dead. No feedback info such as Amp, Volts, or anything is received and you are not able to control the rest of the ROV in any way.

It is important to note that this has been happening to me constantly with full batteries and under optimal opperating conditions. Also the other user that has been experiencing this issue is Nathan Ash

here is the link to the discussion leading up to this problem (maybe it will provide some insight)



I still havent been able to figure out what's causing this. Any input of any kind would be greatly appreciated


It seems as though the ROV cannot simultaneously transmit and receive. Any known cause of that?


I have the same problem when OpenROV cockpit starts up I get no camera but everything else works (all 3 motors, lights, lasers, camera servo, depth, heading, compass).

I go into diagnostic page and pick "Callibrate Compass" and exit back to OpenROV Cockpit, now no motors, lights or anything else works, just the camera is working.

Next I refresh the page and everything works, camera, motors , lights everything!

I am running the 2.5 board, IMU sensor, and the git code from Brian.

We are suppose to get 2 to 5 inches of snow overnight but I hope to get #241 back in the water this weekend to try out the new changes.

I may need an "ICE" breaker nose on it as some of the ponds are covered with ice.

John Stager


That's interesting that you are able to regain control after you refresh the page. When I refresh I get the "oops Google couldn't find your page" message, and I am running exactly the same set up as you. I'm sure we'll come across something this weekend.

As for ice, I just used a brick... We got 5 inches of snow where I am here in Utah and the high was 12 degrees today.

Please let me know if you make any progress, this little bug in the system has me out of the water for the time being.




This morning I was trying to test everything as I would at the lake or pond. I hooked it up to my laptop using a cross connect cable and the address of the ROV is IP address This did not work. It is as you describe, no camera and then camera but no motors.

I went back to my bench top testing which uses a router and DHCP. The address of the ROV is now (on my network) and using the router it works as I described in my earlier post. I do diagnostic then calibrate and refresh screen and everything works.

This will be a problem as I don't normally bring a router with me to the dive site.

Hope Brian reads this and gets the firmware fixed.



I had a whole slew of issues arise at the same time, but now that you bring this up it reminds me that I switched to a USB to Ethernet adapter. Originally, when I could get everything to work, I had it plugged into a router that used DHCP.

I suspect Nathan is also using a static IP when he has this same issue as well, interesting.

I think we are narrowing in on the source of the issue.



I am indeed using a static IP, directly connected to a Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop.

I too am hoping this firmware gets debugged soon ( if I knew How I would!). I am in my lab all weekend working on a couple other things, so if you want to try anything else then let me know and I can try it out on my Vehicle here on the bench.



Hi all

I was reading your post about the IP address issue which does not make to much sense to me. A few things to check when you are using the direct connect to the ROV rather than a router with DHCP. the only thing I can think of that would be different is the the DNS & Default gateway settings these would get set by the router. I you configure things manually turn off Ipv6 and only use ipv4, in iPv4 set Ip as Mask You should not have to set GW or DNS but you could try setting them both to Also John you mentioned the use of a crossover cable this should work with the standard patch cables as well, most newer pc's will auto switch these. I do not have the 2.5 Controll board yet to test anything but hope to order one soon.



I had exactly same issue with zero depth and calibrate compass, the only way to get it back was to rewright the SD and re upload adruino.

Is there a way to calibrate these sensor using command line in SSH ?