Depth Testing with Darcy!


Darcy has always been the OpenROV leader in empirical depth testing. He's back to it!

Check out his latest exploits on OpenExplorer:

Also, check out the OpenExplorer redesign. It's coming along. Feel free to start planning your own expedition there and let us know what you think.

Manufacturing a shell for deep dives at 1000m+

The latest updates are nice!


This should be on MythBusters :)

can't wait to see the results. Go Darcy Go!!


I just added a post or 14 if any one is interested. :D And thanks for posting this David! You rock!


David Murphy Thanks!

I have been wondering, did you use 3 or 4 ESC's on you ROV? You have 2 vertical thrusters yes?


You need to use two ESC's, if you try to run two motors from one ESC the ESC gets confused because it gets feedback from the motors, and I just use the one controller Vertical connector with a Y cable connector to the two ESC's