Deployment into surf zone from beach


Search function came up blank, looking for user experiences deploying a trident from the beach into the surf zone. Target study species inshore game fish (perch, striped bass, flatfish, etc) for recreational fisheries study. Anyone have experience getting their trident thumped in the sandy surf zone?



Yes, I have taken my Trident into the surf a couple of times here on the Gold Coast in Australia. It is a whole lot of fun once you get used to it.

Aside from some abrasion to the props Trident handles surf conditions very well and seems perfectly suited to the surf environment due to its speed and streamlined shape. I have not noticed any other damage as a result of being pummelled by waves.

If you haven’t already done so, practice operating Trident in some calm conditions before taking it into big surf. Timing the run out between waves is relatively easy but disorintation is common. Using cockpit information is a challenge and you will struggle to see Trident on the surface due to the whitewash.

Trident rights itself when it gets rolled over by waves (unless it is in the shallows) and the outrushing current helps align it in the right direction most of the time. Any side current will also cause you to end up “other than where you think you are” and the tether does not always help since it is caught up in the waves. Avoiding tether entanglement with surfers and swimmers may also be something for you to consider. Retrieving Trident by its tether is a handy feature hahaha.



Excellent info, thank you! Did you run neutrality buoyant? We were considering running negative (heavy) and using thrust to get us off the bottom and moving. We intend to drive out, park it in the bottom, and see who comes swimming up to varying baits in wires in front of the camera.



I beat the crap out of my Trident, and it still works great!.

I wouldn’t sit on the bottom. You’ll kick up a good deal of sediment and cloud your images, scare the wild life, and spend more time trying to fly it instead of observing.



I run Trident neutrally buoyant in the surf zone but only because I am constantly exploring. Running heavy and sitting on the bottom sounds like a good idea for your application but consider the added difficulty you may face when trying to get out past the shallow wash zone. Also, check the bottom before landing to make sure you don’t pick up any shell fragments…these can lodge themselves between the props and nacelles causing the prop to stall without any obvious indications.

Sorry for the long delay in reply…I am travelling at the moment.