Deleting account-goodbye

OK I asked the question, firstly I replied to a topic about login WITHOUT using a gmail,twitter or facebook account, the problem was never resolved. I was able to fudge my gmail account to login to put that reply.

Next I asked how to delete an account, and got no takers, so I guess I have to leave it here.
I am deleting my gmail account because of the spam generated I suspect through or via this forum. It was spam generated in reply to a question of deleting the account so I assume the spammer has an account here.
Not to worry, I will not login here anymore and just delete my gmail account.
That was the main reason for using a gmail account, so i know where any spam is being originated. OpenRov is the last logon, forum, or website using this address, all the real ones I converted over to a different email address. I cannot do that here because it requires a google, facebook, or twitter account to logon.
If people here are content to let Google, Microsoft or Facebook track ALL emails, locations, spending & visited sites and sell that information to spammers or advertisers, that fine, but I for one resent it.
(for a real eye opener search for the NEW Captcha - google will be tracking you completely through any website using the new google Captcha completely unknown to you and without your permission)

I will still be able to see the forum, I just wont participate. I will be buying and operating a Trident now I have the new boat so the forum will still be really useful

Anyway bye for now.